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Greetings to each of you!

We invite you to join us in the mission of WACENA, to help alleviate the discouraging conditions of so many women here in Africa.  We believe that we are all One as a human family and by joining together to be a positive change in the world, we can improve the situations of women everywhere.

Please send us a message in the Comment box below and we will enthusiastically respond to your questions and comments!

Thank you for finding our website and feeling connected to us and to our work!

Jinja Road
Opposite Kamuli Town Council
Kamuli Town


3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi!
    One of my friends is just in the process of sponsoring a child with you… I would love to take part in this in some way…could you send me more information about how I can do this please?
    Many thanks
    Tina Browning x

    • Dear Tina,
      Greetings to you from WACENA-Uganda offices! Thank you for your unmatched interest in supporting our work for the children.

      Now, here is my e-mail address:
      Please, let me know yours too, so that I send you the details about how you can get involved!

      Btw, in which Country are you based? This will also help us to make references for you to contact in case you wish to!

      Much Love and Trust,

      Maggie Ndagire
      Program Director

    • Now, WACENA is a registered charity in Uganda, East Africa. As you may be already aware if you read on our web site. However, due to the fact it is not a US, Canadian, Australian and British Charity, all our sponsors send their donations directly either through Western Union or Wire Transfer in the Bank to our Account without receiving tax deductions.

      Most donations that we receive through the bank are those ones from $1000 and above.
      But, for individual sponsors of the girls are advised to send their sponsorship money via Western Union because it is cheaper. And we also advise them to send their monthly sponsorship for a full year in order to avoid monthly charges for transfer in Western Union. That means, $20x12months!

      For example, Deborah Zaher and her husband sent their full year sponsorship for their 2 girls yesterday. They used Western Union just other sponsors in UK and USA. But if they were to use Wire Transfer, it would require them to include $80 as extra fees which the Bank charges as Remittance Commission.

      It takes $20 per month to keep a day-scholar girl in School.

      I have been in touch with Shirley of Liverpool and others who interested in sponsoring some girls. When I get your e-mail, I will be able to send you the individual pics of the girls with their names, age and Grade.

      I welcome any questions you may have still. Tina.

      Much Love,

We welcome your questions and comments here!

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