Life in Uganda

Want to learn more about what life in Uganda is like? Check out some of our favorite books and documentaries. You can also read a first-hand account of life in Uganda under Stories.


4 thoughts on “Life in Uganda

    • On behalf of WACENA family here in Uganda, I would like to thank Gather The Women Global Matrix for the wonderful role played at the center-stage of the mission of our Organization. And on behalf of the Africa’s women here, I would like to welcome you all to Uganda/Africa. May all those that value the global mission of Gather The Women come to share with us what they feel suits every woman here and there. Gather The Women, you have elevated WACENA to the world map of genuine operations. Mama Mary Cunningham, you have become a true mother of all Africa’s women because of your love, compassion and passion for their self-worth to become their cause of jubilation. Thank you very much.

      • Dearest Maggie,
        Thank you for your sweet words, but I feel that I am but the mirror of all of you, the beautiful, motivated and purpose-filled women of WACENA! Your work inspires me every day! May we go forward together connecting and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with all women in our global sisterhood.
        Namaste, with much love,

      • Hello Darling Mama Mary,
        Thank you very much for being not only a mirror of all of us, but also a mother of the entire family of WACENA-Uganda. Frankly, we shall always have a reason to celebrate your life in action that is a realistic breath of compassion. I believe and advise that anyone who doesn’t understand the rightful meaning of parenthood and sisterhood, has to only look at your actions which are prime definitions of both.

        We love you so much,
        Maggie Ndagire

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