Bucks for Clucks

Dear WACENA enthusiasts!

There are so many wonderful things happening at WACENA UGANDA!

We are currently raising money, with your help, for a recently-launched poultry project in support of the Women’s Agricultural Project.


Structures are being built to house the chickens, beginning first with brooder houses, through the generous open hearts of each of you!  Perhaps you might want to donate specifically to the hen houses or even purchase clutches of baby chicks!


In order to get the maximum “cluck for your buck”, a check in any amount mailed to WACENA International, PO BOX 1776, Thompson Falls MT 59873 will help immensely!  (WACENA is registered as a 501c3 non-profit organization.)

Another quick and easy way to donate is by clicking the donate button below and you’ll know instantly the gratitude of the women who will be raising the chickens and selling them and their eggs, in order to create a self-sustaining business and lifestyle for themselves and their children.

What could be better than helping women empower themselves?


One final thought:  In order for others to feel inspired by YOUR generosity, please feel invited to post your name and your location on our Facebook page after you have donated, so we all can be excited and amazed to see the global efforts of generous contributors like yourselves helping the Women of WACENA!

For a more detailed look at the poultry project, please read the Poultry Project Proposal and Poultry Project Budget*.

*Due to changes in the project, WACENA has scaled back the project to 50% of the original proposal.

Recent Donations –

My Girlfriend and I are donating $15.00 for the next 3 months for the “Buck for a Cluck” campaign with WACENA Uganda. It came about because 2 neighbors of ours, that are farmers, refuse to sell us their organic eggs! They only like to farm as they say and won’t take any money for any of their crops or eggs. So we decided to donate the cost of the 1 dozen eggs per week towards this honorable and noble program to help women become self sufficient. We are donating in their name…Dixie and Neil from Montana.

-Signed appreciative and anonymous neighbors.